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Question: Which of your software applications should I buy?

Answer:  GrandPrix Race Manager is the software that can manage your race from registering racers, building schedules, interfacing to a timing system, getting standings, to printing up reports, and more.  At a minimum, you should have GrandPrix Race Manager. All other software that we offer is an ad-on to the race manager to expand on functionality or provide additional features.  So, also get any of those other applications that would give you the extra features that you would like.

For information on the latest versions of our software packages, please refer to the links below.

  • GrandPrix Race Manager - Race management software.
  • RaceFX - Sound effects software.
  • DerbyDMV - Driver's License and Pit Pass software.
  • RaceReplay - Video recording and replay software.
  • Derby Car Tracker - Car data collection and analysis software.
  • DerbyWeb - Add-on to GrandPrix Race Manager (Pro Version Only) that provides race crew and spectators real-time WiFi access to certain race data via smart phones or tablet computers.